Meerkat Experience

If you’re looking for a unusual gift for an animal lover, why not treat them to a Meerkat experience? Its great seeing these animals at the zoo but imagine being able to hold them and feed them!

My partner bought me one for my birthday because he knows I love animals, especially Meerkats! There’s lots of websites that do offers like these such as groupon and wowcher so they don’t have to break the bank! The park we went to yesterday to meet these inquisitive little animals was Hawks of Steele at Thoresby Park. There’s lots of other things to do there as well, play badminton or checkers in the gardens of Thoresby Hall, or wander round the Military museum or the quaint little shops in the courtyard.

We had the pleasure of meeting 3 adorable Meerkats, Fred, Barney and Betty! Most experiences normally only let you spend 15 or 30 minutes with the Meerkats, but we got a full hour with them. We got to feed them, give them a drink out of their bottle and of course.. have lots of cuddles!

Check out the video below!

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