Off Roading in The Yorkshire Dales

So as you’re probably already aware, me and my partner purchased a defender 110 a couple of months back. After spending a few weeks at a garage we took a bit of a risk and took it on a road trip to the Isle of Skye. Considering we’d only driven it a couple of times and both times it had broken down.. we were a bit sceptical! We had an issue with the battery while we were away, but luckily we had a spare so didn’t cause too much disruption!

Once we were back we couldn’t wait to start taking her off road! Not knowing much about the tracks round here, my partner started joining numerous groups on Facebook. One had posted an event that sounded perfect for newbies so we signed up!

So Saturday came… we all met at Pateley Bridge showground car park, and from there got divided into two groups of 6. (Based on the amount of ground clearance).

The route:
From Patelely, we continued up the High Street on to Old Church lane.






We headed north to Kirby Malzeard then back via Colsterdale to Middlesmoor.

We stopped at Scar House Reservoir for lunch before heading over to Dead Mans Hill. The views were incredible! The clouds were starting to clear and the sun made an appearance.






After a bite to eat We then headed over to Kettlewell, and made a toilet stop at Buckden.

By this time its getting on for about 3 o clock. Time certainly flies when you’re having fun!

We then finished on Busk Lane at Marsett before heading home over Stake Moss, Appletreewick and Black Hill Road.

Busk Lane was by far the most exciting part of the day! We even met some trials bikes down there doing the same thing as us! There were some deep ruts, large boulders and there were three fords. The first is an ordinary one through Raydale Beck with a depth of about 5 inches and width of about 11 yards. Its base is smooth but stony.
Then a short distance later the lane enters Cragdale Water and runs along it for 60 yards before exiting without having actually crossed the beck.
Then the lane finally goes across Cragdale Water.








Most went their separate ways from here, there were just 3 of us that ended up back in Pateley.






The end to a fantastic day out, wasn’t what we were expecting at all. Saw some amazing places and had great company a long the way.

Can’t wait for the next trip out!

If you’re interested in doing some off roading, check out

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